Building Retrofitting - New Rules

The recent changes on the Portuguese building rules, (Decreto-Lei n.º 95/2019, Portaria n.º 302/2019 e Portaria n.º 304/2019) requires that an intervention on an existent building has to be supported by a Seismic Vulnerability Report.

These new Rules came in following of many Researchers Alerts (Notícia DN, Notícia Observador, Artigo GeCorpa)  that point to the lack of a Seismic Prevention Culture and Poor Building Follow Up, making those "Freshly Painted" Buildings more fragile that they were before, and therefore incrementing the hazard for populations.

Building's Seismic Vulnerability Report is a matter of Safety for You and for Everyone.

Inhabiting buildings, without those reports, could lead to potential losses, both human and material, in case of an Earthquake

Using Seismic Models, for each of residential structures we provide specialized consulting in all projects (New or Retrofitting). 

For Your Safety, Always demand Seismic Safety

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